Presidential Message

President OGSSI – 2020

Prof. N. Palaniappan

Dear OGSSIans

A very warm greetings. I am overwhelmed to present before you as president OGSSI, the post which I deem as pride and highest honour. This year 2020 would be power packed with academics, conferences and CSR activities. The theme of this year would be “Love to Labour”.

2020 will witness 20 academic programmes – 10 Sunday CME, 10 clinical meetings on last Tuesday of every month followed by 10 other mega programmes. The flagship event of this year would be the Midyear Conference of OGSSI – L to L conclave powered by FOGSI, RCOG & ICOG. This event will be coloured by the presence of Prof Justus Hofmeyr from South Africa and various other eminent faculties.

To break the monotony of CME’s around the same place, 2 CME’s are planned at the extremities of the city – South and North Chennai to facilitate OGSSIans from that area to be part of.

YUVA OGSSICON is a new addition this year which will be planned and executed by the youth of OGSSI

This year 2020 is managed by 20 efficient women – Singapenney in my team to help me envisage all my endeavours please come and be a part of the OGSSI mela

With Warm Regards & Respects

Prof. N Palaniappan