Presidential Message

President OGSSI – 2019

Dr. Anjalakshi Chandrasekar

சொலல்வல்லன் சோர்விலன் அஞ்சான் அவனை

இகல்வெல்லல் யார்க்கும் அரிது.


My warm greetings and Namaste to everyone.     

I really feel proud and humble to be the president of this glorious and prestigious organization which was headed by Doyens like professor A.L.Mudiliar, Prof.M.k.Krishnamenon and Dr.Baskar RAO. I was raring  to serve in this capacity, I assure you that I will do my best to keep up the Dignity and Prestige of this organization.

I thank the Almighty for bestowing me with this opportunity and I also thank my parents and my siblings who strived above and beyond their capacity in helping me achieve this academic excellence . I thank my children and other family members who supported me in my career.

The theme of OGSSI:  I have chosen

“LEARN ,UNLEARN AND RE-LEARN”                             



our mothers and offer a safe motherhood and happy womenhood.

I will continue to follow the protocols of OGSSI, by having regular CME’s and clinical meetings every month with a themed mid-year conference and an annual conference with appropriate pre congress workshops.                      

We will together continue outreach programs, adolescent health education and cancer screening. I want all our members to eagerly participate in these programs, give their inputs and feedback actively to enable us to better ourselves and to take our OGSSI to greater heights. I will resume the monthly news letter and practice points.

I am interested very much in research, which is much lacking in our current academic and clinical curriculum, to encourage the same, I want to initiate a cash award for pioneering research in GDM, which is close to my heart, Endometriosis-the ever remaining  enigma and PIH which still remains the leading cause of maternal mortality. A corpus fund will be raised with my contribution of Rs.2 lakhs as seed money.  A  bank account will be started under the OGSSI research fund, I also request others to contribute for the same so that every year we can give a monetary incentive to the best research work among our peers in the above topics.

I also plan to revamp and consolidate the OGSSI’s Constitution and I hereby request everyone to participate in all activities of OGSSI.

“ To do more we need more”, hence to strengthen our OGSSI all of us will bring in more members to OGSSI. There is a membership drive up to March 15, 2019 in the form of life membership of OGSSI with 10 years FOGSI subscription now at Rs. 23,960 /- instead of Rs. 25,960/-Inform friends and juniors and motivate them to use this opportunity.



Jai hind.